Devoted is an essential resource for caregivers navigating the challenges of caregiving. With practical advice, emotional support, and guidance on accessing resources and support services; this comprehensive guide empowers caregivers to navigate their journey with confidence and resilience.

Extending a Supportive
Hand to Light the Way Forward

Darlene Carlisle seeks to empower caregivers with the knowledge and tools they need to advocate for their loved ones in nursing home facilities.


Darlene provides guidance on navigating the healthcare system and ensuring quality care for every individual in nursing home facilities.


Darlene's guide motivates readers with her journey, sharing experiences to encourage overcoming challenges and finding empowerment.


To empower caregivers with practical advice, emotional support, and resource guidance for confident and resilient caregiving.

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About author

Author Darlene Carlisle-Matthews

In crafting this caregiver’s handbook, I drew inspiration from my remarkable mother, a beacon of resilience and compassion. She tirelessly cared for our family, embodying the essence of devotion. Divine intervention led us to a place of genuine compassion and support which is why I’m sharing what I learned to empower others in their caregiving journey.

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Darlene Carlisle-Matthews Presents – Devoted:

A Caregiver’s Handbook and Guide for How to Take Care of a Family Member in a Nursing Home Facility.

Are you new to caring for someone? Then this book is tailor-made for you. Crafted from personal necessity, it’s a heartfelt guide penned by someone who understands the challenges firsthand. With Devoted: A Caregiver’s Handbook and Guide author Darlene Carlisle-Matthews extends a supportive hand to caregivers, drawing from her own experiences to light the way forward…


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